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Hey, Sis!

It's time to build the life you deserve intentionally! You ready?

I created this 4 week coaching program for women like you who are tired of being stuck, tired of not being able to enjoy the life their living fully, unable to love themselves adequately, etc. I created this program, because I too understand what it's like to try and still miss the mark, I know what it's like to operate from a broken place. Crazy thing is, we are all broken in some way. No one wants to identify with being broken because its unappealing. But what if I told you being broken is necessary? Being broken is NOT the issue, staying broken is.

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Living intentionally isn't easy. It's not easy walking away from your "normal" to create the life you desire. It's not easy getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, and just like anything else in life it's going to take handwork, commitment, and dedication. I created this interactive workbook that will help us along our journey together in the next 4 weeks. This workbook will help you to identify, breakdown, and push past the barriers that are in place keeping you bound. It will help you to dig deeper, and execute strategies to help you begin living intentionally.



During our first week together, we will be getting acquainted with one another, identifying strong holds/pain points that are keeping you bound and strategically setting up action steps on how to push past them!


Week 2 is all about mindset. We will be shifting from broken to intentionally building. Before you can live the life you love, you must first begin to show up as if you're already living it!


Week 3 is all about goal crushing. We will be implementing the steps and strategies learned on weeks 1&2. We will be diving deep into structuring and visualising what your intentional life looks like to you! See it. Speak it.Live it! 


Week 4 is all about ACTION. Application and consistency yields successful results. It's time to get ready to live your best life on purpose, with purpose!

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If any of the above resonate with you, then YES! BGBI Is especially for you! 

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Your total investment for the Broken Gracefully-Built Intentionally 4 week coaching program is $500.

You can also split your

payment up into a biweekly 

payment of $250. Payment needs to be paid in full by March 31, 2021.

Can't make the full investment up front? No worries, we have options. You can split your payments up into 4 installments by using Sezzle or AfterPay with a down payment of $125.


You are your greatest investment sis! You can't continue to cut corners and expect to get far in life. Some things YouTube and Google can't teach you!

If you pay in FULL, meaning up front without any payment plans, you will receive FREE quarterly accountability calls with me, where we will assess your current goals and strategies, answer any questions you may have along your journey, receive insight, etc. for the remainder of the year! Which is ultimately a $1,000 savings! Again, you will only receive this if you pay In full at the time of registration. 

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How Can I Access The BGBI Coaching Program?

You will be able to access the BGBI 4 Week Coaching Program through our student portal. You will receive an email once you have paid for your class, that will prompt you to set up your login credentials. There will be course content dropped daily in the portal, and that is where communications will take place.

How Long Will

I Be Able To Access The Information?

Fortunately, the courses, and material will be available for lifetime access for every student a part of the BGBI 4 week Intentional Living Coaching program.


If for any reason you ever have issues accessing the info, pease be sure to reach out via email to

Will There Be 

Set Days For The Live Q&A And Coaching Sessions?

Yes. Our first live group coaching call will be taking place on zoom on April 1, 2021 at 7:30pm EST. From that point on, Monday's at 7:00pm will be Group Coaching and live q&a sessions. Individual coaching sessions will be scheduled weekly based on the schedule of each student. 

How Can I Guarantee 

Successful Results From Attending This Program?

If you put in the work I can guarantee that yes, you will succeed at living your best life intentionally. Your results are solely based off the level of commitment you're willing to put in. If you put minimal effort and energy into this, you will receive minimal results.