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Heyyyy, Girl!

I'm Destiney. First things first, one thing you should know is that, that's my favourite thing to say when greeting my people! And if you know me personally, you probably read that in my voice and can hear all the extraness too! Hahaha! But anyway! I go by Destiney Speaks and I'm pretty much the definition of a serial entrepreneur. I am a nonprofit leader of an AH-MAZING women's empowerment group called The EmpowHERment Daily Devotional, Corp where we focus on building sisterhood and life long connections between women and youth, while also giving back to our community through monthly outreach initiatives. I'm also an author (you can find my best selling ebook 14 Tips on Becoming Your Best Self, in the ebooks section), I am an inspirational speaker, mentor, and an intentional coach where I strategically coach women out of brokenness and into living intentionally health lives.  I am truly just a girl who decided to go for it!

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Are you ready to take action over your life and live the life you deserve and desire? Are you ready to go from operating in brokenness to becoming whole intentionally? Then sign up for my 4 week coaching program! Classes begin April 1, 2021.



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